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Italian Street Food



5th of JULY| 4PM `

We welcome the warm weather with a series of weekends dedicated to the best Italian Street Food. For these events we won’t focus on one region at the time, but we will mix and match street foods from different regions, from north to south.

Suppli al Telefono (Lazio):
Roman deep fried rice balls with stringy mozzarella.

Piadina Romagnola (Emilia-Romagna)
The classic rustic flat bread of Romagna filled with Squaquerone cheese & rocket.

Spiedino al Polpo Rosticciato (Sicilia)
Iconic boiled and grilled Octopus, from sicilian street markets.

Panino con la Porchetta (Abruzzo)
Crispy roast pork sandwich from central Italy.

Stigghiole (Sicilia)
Palermo’s iconic street food.
Lamb entrails wrapped around spring onions, pancetta & parsley then grilled.

Pasta Fritta (Campania)
Pasta fritters from Napoli with bechamel peas & ham.

Tables are available from 4pm
Bookings are essential.